Stop Smoking In Less Than One Hour!

Are you sick of smoking yourself to death?

Yes, that’s right, after only one relaxing hypnotherapy session of LESS than ONE HOUR, you can be free of the burden of smoking for good. When it comes to stopping smoking, the only thing that beats hypnotherapy, statistically, is suffering cardiac arrest. Please, don’t let it get that far, you have so much life to live!

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Addiction or habit?

Much has been made of just how addictive smoking is, some even compare it to heroin but this is not true. Unlike heroin, nicotine has left the body within 3 days, so the problem is much more
psychological than physical. The repetitive action of smoking, is telling your subconscious, ‘this is an important habit that you don’t want to forget, so keep doing it’. Whatever your own pattern of
smoking may be, as soon as you fail to smoke, you will get a reminder from your subconscious or a craving as we know it. This is why we can go on a long flight for a holiday quite easily but after
dinner the need for a smoke can be so powerful.

What is hypnosis?

A hypnotic trance is a naturally occurring state, it happens to us all every day. Daydreaming is hypnotic, so is reading a book or watching a movie. Maybe sometimes you’ve drifted off into your
thoughts while on a long drive or a train journey…. suddenly, you are nearly at your destination but you can’t really quite remember the last few miles or so….. this is hypnosis. The hypnotic state is perfectly safe, you won’t reveal your secrets, you won’t actually speak at all for most treatments. You cannot be told to do something against your will. There is, in fact, nothing for you to do during a session, you don’t even need to listen, your subconscious will hear everything.

Why does hypnotherapy work so well?

By inducing the state of hypnosis we have direct access to your amazing, subconscious mind. Completing our smoker’s questionnaire (downloadable link, Chris?) will provide all the information
we need to start to understand your individual habit. The session can then be tailored to you specifically so you have all the help you need to become a non-smoker.

How can I be sure of success?

Nothing is certain in this life but death and taxes, though we can put the brakes on both of these things if you are 100% committed to becoming a non-smoker.