Fears & Phobias

We are only born with two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All other fears that we develop during our lives are what we have learnt. For example, we usually inherit our fear of spiders from a parent, often, our mother. As a child, we look to our parents for guidance in all things so when we see Mum scream at a spider, our own fear response is triggered and we learn to be afraid of spiders. The good news is, we can learn new, more helpful responses to these fear-inducing situations, and get rid of unwanted reactions.

Quite often, there may have been a scary event in childhood that can stay with us, well into our adult lives. As dog ownership increases, I see a lot of people of all ages with dog phobias. Flying is another very common problem. if we are going through some trauma or emotional difficulties and these coincide with a turbulent flight, then our subconscious mind might conflate the two experiences, then every time we fly we get the same bad reaction. These and other phobias are often but not always rooted in childhood. Hypnotherapy is such a gentle and effective solution to removing these phobias.